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I've leapt upon the trig wagon, at least with the Polluted Axis stuff, we'll see if it catches on, but I like it so far. . .

Those of you who are there. . . I've attempted to track you down add you as friends. . .




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Mar. 12th, 2007 09:39 pm (UTC)
Well, the use of AJAX is nice, and it doesn't have the horrible horrible interface flaws of ButtSpace.

But, you know. It's silly how much I hate some things.
I do like the RSS stuff though. That way I don't have to go and actually open a web browser to see if anything has changed on a page or whatever. That's cool and a feature both LJ and ButtSpace need to have, but don't (though LJ does have individual RSS for each user, just not for dynamic pages like friends pages, which is annoying and requires aggregator relinking, which is doubly annoying when it breaks).

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