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Negativeland. . .

Was amazing, very worth the 37.00 (25 for the ticket + 12 for the It's all in your Head FM double CD set. . . or a show I heard, but did not see, due to the blindfold I was wearing for the whole show, it was truly amazing to have my hearing focused as th emajority sensory stimuli. . . akin to listening to music while heavily altered.

Apparently the anti religion, anti-god message alienated some people who left about 20 minutes after it started, I guess advertising it to people as something you would like if you like "A Prairie Home Companion" may not have been the most productive course, but definitely would have yeilded entertainment. Personally, it clarified some of my positions on the subject for me.

I had a good little chat with the band after the show. . . I'm going to make a copy for my daughter and give it to her for her 9th Birthday. They applauded the idea o giving a 9 year old the tools to question and protect herself from indoctrination.

I'm sure there will be some interesting conversations as a result. .

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