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Strange days. . .

I still havn't heard from Michelle regarding dj practice. She was aware it was supposed to start like 2 hours ago, when she e-mailed me at 3:00am, seeing I was going to be able to get her a ride. But she hasnt responded to my phone calls or e-mails. So I think I'm done trying.

(EDIT: Just heard from Michelle, she woke up late, I'm going to go pick her up shortly)

At 11:30 this morning I recieved the following e-mail

From: "August Mckinnon" <izabrthrrudk@sbcglobal.net>
To: revdjrazorslave@gmail.com
Subject: Message subject

The room was dark,
The room was drear,
And all I could feel
Was a rush of fear.

The shades were down,
And it was hard to see,
But I could hear her heart beat,
And it comforted me.