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Unfucking Believable. . .

So while I was in Phoenix, I ran out of my long term lantus insulin the one bottle I had, was supposed to be a 30 day supply. I picked it up on 1/4, when the Insurance company said I could have my refill.

I called my pharmacist today, and *attempted* to get more, I'm being told that my insurance company will not pay for the insulin, and that based on the way the prescription was written, It should have lasted me until the 28th.

We went round and round in this circular discussion, and I was told that I could buy it outright if I wanted to. I declined, because $80.00 for 10ML of insulin is fucking piracy.

I'm going to call the insurance company, and bitch a fucking fit.

Then I'm going to call my Dr, and have her write a prescription to have me instructed to take double the amount of insulin I should be taking so this never happens again.


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