Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
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Food for Thought. . .

While I have no right to claim the full title of "child free" my 8 year old daughter has precluded that. I have committed myself to continuing the rest of my days without breeding any more. I went so far as getting my vasectomy done and am only interested in being in any type of a relationship with someone who is as serious about the child free thing as I am. . .

call me an aspiring D.I.N.K.

Hoever, reading about things like this makes me almost reconsider.

With their long term plan including, outbreeding the liberals, and "filling gods quiver with more christian soldiers" and projectiosn that if only 8 million americans had 6+ kids each, that in 100 years we could have 500 Million Soldiers of the Christian Right, perhaps the childfree lifestyle is a good way to keep our way of thinking out of the gene pool. . .


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