Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

Wow. . .

So, this is the 2nd New Years in a row, I've been sick. My 3rd In Las Vegas, and the 3rd that I havn't done anything.

I'm at work, not a big deal, I don't drink anymore and being around hordes of people focused on getting blotto is really just not all that fun. My other opbtions for inebriation are extremely limited, although the high from my cold pills has been a pleasant alternative to the coughing and ick. I look forward to the codine at home, washing me into oblivion so I can be back here at 9:00am to earn double time and a half.

I've been working on tracks for the new Polluted Axis Album with Cameron. I'm curious if he will like what I've done with the XXX Pirates samples, or if it will be relegated to a b side Polluted Axis Render of a Death by Corrosion track. I'm working on some Solo DBC Stuff when I find the time, still sucked deep and hard into Battlefield 2142.

I need to get my happy fat ass to the gym, what with no longer drinking, or smoking, I may as well see if I can get an endorphin high going and shed some ponunds at the same time.


1. Get back in the gym 3 x a week 2 hrs a day
2. Get my Hemaglobin A1C down into the 6.5 -7.1 range (Currently 8.1)
3. Get my Lasik Surgery Completed once my Diabetes is stabilized
4. Get my DJM-800
5. Get Ben's CDJ-1000's
6. Figure out a way to make some more money on a regular basis

Things I'd like to do.

2. Start Pursuing Krav Maga
3. Work on music at least 2 hours a week
4. Assemble necessary components for a DBC live show based on Existing Laptop/computer hardware.
5. Accuire Projector

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