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Conversation I just had with my dad. . .

me: Hi Dad

Dad: Hi Josh

Me: Dad, I don't EVER want to have a conversation with a member missionary, who tells me that she talked to you at Temple square and that you thought it would be a great idea for her to call me and share her love of Jesus Christ and the meaning of Christmas with me again. 

Dad:. . .  wow, that was a long time ago.

Me: do you understand that I don't EVER want this to happen again?

Dad: but she was really cute and Danish

Me: great dad, do you understand that this will not ever happen again?

Dad: I understand, it won't happen again. 

I hang up.

So yeah, I was sitting down at my desk at work, and my phone starts ringing, all it says is CALL

Thinking it's either my friend Patrick in PDX who blocks his outgoing Cell Number, I answer it, 

Nope, not Patrick, I'm greeting by a voice of a girl, who greets me by name, alarm bells start going off in my head, cute and bubbly sounding, but I'm relatively sure I've never talked with her in my life. She Identifies herself as a Member Missionary in Salt Lake, and that she'd met my dad at temple square. . .  she askes if I've ever seen temple square, I say as a kid. She continues on, telling me how she talked to my dad and he told me about his son's and how much he loved them, and how important the church was to him.

It dawned on me . . .  ohhh   this is the lets try and use a cute girl to get him to come back to the church call. . .

She continues on with her speil, and then asks if she can send me a video, and have it delivered by some missionaries. 

I cut her off and tell her I'm not interested, she asks why I dislike the church. I explain that I don't dislike the church, I've known since I was seven that the church wasn’t for me, and
when I was 8 and It came time to be babtized, I also knew that if I didnt do it, that my mom would be crushed if I didn't and then it took 6 years after that for me to come out to them that I didnt want to be a Mormon, and it took two more years for them to start to believe me, but that it looked like it had never sunk in that I wasn’t going to be a Mormon. 

She backpedaled and apologized and tried to make sure that I understood that she hoped that she had not caused an issue with my dad, I didn’t have the heart to tell her, "no, he started the issue by telling you to call me, it's not your fault. "

I told her I was at work and needed to get working, and thanked her for the call.  And then called my dad.



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