Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

Post Eye Exam Sit Rep

So Yesterday I went to Lasik Plus to have my free eye exam to see if I was a good candidate for any of the new procedures as previously when I had talked to my optometrist, I was advised that I was not a good candidate because my cornea's are too flat. Leading to halo effect's and glare issues when driving at night if they did the proceedure.

The whole process took two hours to do, and at the end I learned that for $4000.00 (Well $1,999 per eye) I was a good candidate for the new Wave Front Guided LASIK. And that as long as my sugars were *stable* they could do the surgery today. Unfortunately, they couldnt give me a definition of the word stable, or find the right terminology for Gleicohemogobin AIC rating, to make me feel truly comfortable, nor am I quite ready to put myself $4K in debt to get the proceedure done.

I will however, talk to the doctors on my Visual Service Plan, who I do get a 5-15% discount off of LASIK through, and see if they can give me some better answers to my questions, and work on getting better controll of my sugars so that in a year or so, I can go ahead and get the surgery done.

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