Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

Apeal to the SQL Guru's

Ok, so I spent a couple hours getting about 30 entries in the database I set up so that I could start playing with the data and making sure it's working correctly.

It's pulling all the data from the DB correctly, but for some reason the following SQL Select Statement

SELECT Album.Album_Name, Artist.Artist_Name, Dj.Dj_Name, Genre.Genre_Name, Night.Night_Name, Play_Tracking.Request, Club.Venue_Name, Track.Track_Name, Track.Rating 

FROM Play_Tracking INNER JOIN Dj ON Play_Tracking.Dj_ID = Dj.Dj_ID 
INNER JOIN Track ON Play_Tracking.Track_ID = Track.Track_ID INNER JOIN Night ON Play_Tracking.Night_ID = Night.Night_ID 
INNER JOIN Record_Label ON Track.Record_Label_ID = Record_Label.Record_Label_ID 
INNER JOIN Club ON Play_Tracking.Club_ID = Club.Club_ID INNER JOIN Album 
INNER JOIN Artist ON Album.Artist_ID = Artist.Artist_ID 
INNER JOIN Genre ON Album.Genre_ID = Genre.Genre_ID ON Track.Artist_ID = Artist.Artist_ID AND Track.Album_ID = Album.Album_ID

Is only pulling 3 entries out of the DB?

Any thoughts?

**note this is the raw data dump of every field in the DB, I did it this way, because the tuned select statement for the data I was needing, was only bringing up three entries.**
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