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Landlorde Woes Contd...


Sorry I took a couple days to get this information too you, I had to do a bit of research and wait for replies to various e-mails. The final decision is up to you but I hope after speaking with my previous landlords and ferret Dr's that we can come to an accommodation.

Ferret urine is far less acidic and caustic that cat urine is (Per Dr Burgess), ferrets are known for occasionally damaging carpets but half a soda cap full of urine on a hardwood floor for less that 1 minute has no chance of soaking in or leaving a smell behind. Compare that with the three to five ounces of corrosive urine a cat passes, and you can see why I'm shocked that there is the level of concern evidenced.

While Ferret smells are worse in the winter because of the furnace blowing the smells around the housing area, ferrets don't reek the way cats do, nor do they spray marking their territory the way cats do.

My ferrets are spayed/neutered and de-scented, and washed on a bi monthly basis, that is all that can be done on our side to control the smells. I can only ask that you contact Mr Hinamon (Who has lived through a summer in a house with hardwoods after the ferrets, Cynthia, and I moved out) and Ms Richardson who manages an expensive turn of the century apartment complex with vintage woodwork and hardwood floors.

Recommended ferret Dr by most of my friends who have ferrets,

Dr. Mark Burgess
Southwest Animal Hospital
6139 SW Murray Blvd
Beaverton, OR
(503) 643-2137

I urge you to honestly consider all the information presented. Cats are by far a more destructive and odiferous animal than ferrets, yet you have no problem with the two cats we have nor did you require any type of pet deposit for them, knowing the problems that you have had before. While it is true that I cannot "guarantee" that 6 months after we move out that the house will not smell of ferrets during the middle of the summer, I also cannot guarantee the same about the cats.

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