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Mmmm morning routine. ..

Note to self. . . do NOT drink a Sobe No Fear at 8:00pm when you need to be in bed by midnight.

Woke up at 4:30am after finally passing out at 1:00am. Ate some left over KFC Cole Slaw and messed around on the computer till 6:00am. Went by Burger Kind and got two .99 Croisanwich thingies. Ate them. Went to PCC and upped all my weights to the point of only being able to do 15 or less Reps in 30 Seconds. Worked out for 54 minutes straight. Vomited up said cole slaw and croisanwich thingies into the garbage can outside of PCC.

Rode bus home, which was fine until I got to Tigard Transit Center. Smelly gross man is grubby whitish sweatshirt with pasty dead flesh belly waddle hanging out gets on the bus and sits down three seats ahead of me. I notice the smell and scramble to get my window open. It was something in the neighborhood of week old horse smegma, crossed with brushing your teeth with cheddar cheese, and rolling around in dog shit. All I could think was, no, I've already vomited once this morning I'm not fucking doing it again.


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