Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

1. Ableton Axiom Support Is Here!

Ableton and M-Audio are pleased to announce that the newest release of Live, version 5.2.2, offers full support for M-Audio's new Axiom series of keyboards.

Live 5.2.2 provides Axiom users with instant and automatic control of many of Live's features via built-in control mapping. When users select an Axiom keyboard as a remote control surface in Live's preferences, the Axiom automatically locks in to provide full control of Live's Session and Arrangement Views, effects and devices. Once locked in, the Axiom follows the musician's focus, providing fast, sure control wherever they're working in the Live interface.

Registered users of Live 5.2 can download the update here:

To download a Live Pack lesson on using Live with Axiom controllers
please go to:

For more information, check out and

For a great deal on Live 5 bundled with the Axiom, visit
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