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Hooray for unexpected 3 Day Weekends. . .

So I get to work today at 9:30am and I'm sitting there eating my breakfast out of the machine. When a co-worker comes up and says, "They're evacuating the building, we have to go to the assembly point*" We walk outside and there are multiple fire trucks and ambulances and there are about 10 people hooked up to oxygen tanks.

Apparently this morning a window shattered on the inside of the building (See below map) And later some people began to get sick puking complaining of shortness of breath & complaining about a funny smell, some people said they could smell bleach. I didn't smell anything.

==== Small map of area. The Side entry into the call center
\..* \ = Door
|..| | = Window
|..\ *= window that shattered at 6:30am

So we're all sitting around for about 45 minutes as the fire dept is up inspecting the roof and treating people. Then they announce they're closing the call center and sending everyone home and to call the status line before showing up for your next shift. Its going to be a good weekend.


*when the building gets evacuated you have to go to your assembly point and check in with your team manager
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