Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
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Please spread the word. . . (xposted to Myspace)

Rev Dj RaZorslave here. . .

Hello all,

Since I've started getting phone calls and e-mails asking about the veracity of rumors I'd heard were floating about, that, I think some people might be, unwisely, taking seriously. I figured I'd better get something out to the masses who much as I love them, tend to act like sheep when it comes to the rumor mill. If you don't hear it from me, from one of my e-mail accounts, or my Lj or myspace account, take it with a chunk of salt the size of the iceburg that sunk the Titanic.

There is apparently a rumor going around, that I have been calling for a boycott of Sanctuary this Friday and am going to start playing music that will "drive people out of the club". I'm not yet 100% sure who started these little memes spreading, but they need to grow up.

Both of these ideas are patently false.

Pedi the owner of the club and I talked it over on the phone last night and had a good laugh over the idea that someone would try to spread a rumor like that.

I am at and will be at Sanctuary every Friday. Whether I am Djing or not, withstanding extenuating circumstances. And I hope to see you all there.

That is all.

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