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Used Car Salesmen. . .

Deserve a special place in hell.

Origonal Deal as discussed and in the *initial* paperwork I signed for the Backup Sales contract in case the Credit Union wasnt able to fund the loan.

Vehicle Selling Price: 13,272 Percentage rate 9.0%

Amount listed on the Contract information they gave me to give to the Credit Union

Vehicle Selling Price: 14500.00 Percentage Rate 13.9%

Luckily, my parents have agreed to Co-sign the loan through the credit union so that my rate will be 7.25%

My salesman just called to check with me how the car was running, I told him it was running fine, however, I had some issues with the paperwork that I had been provided.

He says he will talk with Kenny the Sales Manager to see what is going on. . . I don't hold much hope.

However. is available. . . and I know how to be a royal pain in the ass on teh interweb.

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