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Jayzus. . . Why didnt I listen to this stuff before. .

Cleaning stuff off of a HD, that I've downloaded misc stuff to during the last couple months. . .

included in this was the demo stuff and session outakes from 13th Monkey. . . which I listend to really good for the first time today. Holy Christ I'm impressed and can't wait for an actual album to come out.

Those of you on my journal know how much I love Kiew Hell I flew to Denver to see them live. anstalt Rocks my sox. So 13th Monkey is a side project of Thedi (from Kiew) and Harm (From Sonic Fiction) and together they do this CRAZY Rhythmic goodness, that has me bouncing up and down in my seat.

Download Tremor the demo and check them out, if you like it, the outtakes and session excerpts are pretty good as well.

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