Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

Hi, My Name is Josh, I'm a Liberal, and I support Israel.

Let me preface this by saying that my family has always been liberal, My grandfather founded the socialist party in Nevada. And I was raised to believe that the Israeli's could do no wrong. My views on this have modified somewhat as I've gotten older. I'm of the opinion that Israel needs to disentangle themselves from the west bank and Gaza and get out. And the Israeli's recent actions of forcing Zionist settlers out of illegal settlements are a good thing. However I fully feel that the current actions in Lebanon are justified.

Preparatory reading for an unbiased history of the Middle East can be found Here This is one of the best and most unbiased sites I’ve been able to find on the topic.

These are very powerful images. Is the subject good, bad? Is it any worse or better than these? Because it’s children doing it, rather than women in bomb factories in world war 2 posing with the ordinance

Or Modern Ordinance on a plane special delivery. . .

Regarding the pictures above.

Writing on bombs has a long and gloried history. We did it in the factories in WW2, we did it on the nukes we dropped on Japan.

We do it on the bombs we're dropping in the Middle East.

I really don't see the issue in Israeli's response to Hezbollah kidnapping 2 soldiers, firing missiles 30 miles into Israel, hitting suburbs of Haifa (The deepest missile strikes in Israeli history), and trying to hit Tel Aviv as well - Using Iranian supplied Surface to Surface Ballistic Missiles. . .

You can bet your ass we'd be writing some colorful things if (and I realize this is very far fetched) Radical Extremists were firing missiles from Mexico into L.A.

The Israeli's are completely justified IMO in their current actions. You can only present the olive branch of peace for so long only to have it grabbed and have it used to smack you across the face for so long before it becomes time to demonstrate what the alternative is.

When you are fighting for your survival, As the Israeli's have been almost continuously for almost 60 years.

There's not a lot of room for niceties

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