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Amused. . .

I can fully related to xterminal's statement regarding wearing nice clothes to work and people assuming you have a job interview.

I have a very extremely "business casual" workplace, in fact, usually, I wear my columbia sportswear hikers, a pair of kahki or olive green cargo pants and a vaguely millitaristic looking button down shirt un tucked.

all of that was dirty. Need to do laundry.

So I'm going through my closet and I'm like, oh, my grey slacks. THen I'm all damn, I'm going to have to wear a nice shirt (black), and the nice shirt just didnt look nice without a tie, and dress slacks, a shirt and tie don't go well with hikers so I worse my freshly polished 20 eye demonias.

I look pretty sharp

and now everyone assumes I have a job interview. I've had just about EVEERYONE I work with ask me about why I'm dressed up and wanting to know if I have an interview.

I'm like, I have training classes scheduled from August through the end of October. . . I'm not going anywhere I just ran out of clean clothes. . .

**shakes head**

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