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Car Stereo Dorkiness

So, I've had the same stupid Pioneer DEH-1600 Head unit in my cars well, since about 1998. I have a 6 disc CD Changer for it so it's not too bad. I recently decided I was going to upgrade it. So today via i ordered.

Pioneer DEH-P4800MP CD/MP3/WMA Player

and two more Pioneer TS-G1641R 6-1/2"/6-3/4" 2-way Speakers

So I'll have an all pioneer matching system that will play my mp3 discs. . .AND has an input on the back to run an RCA - 1/8th in Converter so I can hook up all kinds of devices directly to it


Happy boy. I'll save the DEH-1600/6 - Disc CD Changer for when I sell the beast.

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