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Car Stereo Dorkiness

So, I've had the same stupid Pioneer DEH-1600 Head unit in my cars well, since about 1998. I have a 6 disc CD Changer for it so it's not too bad. I recently decided I was going to upgrade it. So today via crutchfeld.com i ordered.

Pioneer DEH-P4800MP CD/MP3/WMA Player

and two more Pioneer TS-G1641R 6-1/2"/6-3/4" 2-way Speakers

So I'll have an all pioneer matching system that will play my mp3 discs. . .AND has an input on the back to run an RCA - 1/8th in Converter so I can hook up all kinds of devices directly to it


Happy boy. I'll save the DEH-1600/6 - Disc CD Changer for when I sell the beast.



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Jul. 18th, 2006 07:40 pm (UTC)
I've always been fairly happy with pioneer gear. It also has a nice look to it. I approve.
Jul. 18th, 2006 07:43 pm (UTC)
I've been VERY happy with mine today. I picked up a set of the same Pioneer speakers because they were cheap ($49.00) and was blows away by the quality. Decided to go for the DEH-4800 beecuase it was on sale for $129.00. Plus when you order from Crutchfeld they give you a BUNCH of stuff free. . .
Harnesses, Speaker Connectors, Etc. . .

Jul. 18th, 2006 09:51 pm (UTC)
would that DEH-1600 6 disk changer work in my car?
Jul. 18th, 2006 10:00 pm (UTC)
Re: DEH-1600
THE DEH-1600 is the head unit. The CD Changer is very similar to a Pioneer CDX-P680 although a much older version. It won't work with your Car.


If you go to Crutchfield.com

Enter your make and model of car, they will tell you what will work with your car.

If you end up buying anything. . . use this referal code: prti5-fdp3h-sfgy8

Jul. 21st, 2006 10:47 pm (UTC)
Re: DEH-1600
Will do on the referral code. Have to decide if I want to swap the changer out or not - if it is dying, then it will be a birthday present to myself.

The Alpine they have on the site is sweet (even does MP3s), but they also have an inline adapter for the iPod... but you cant have both. :(

Wondering if I can rig a switch to select between the two?
Jul. 22nd, 2006 02:22 am (UTC)
Re: DEH-1600
which is why I got this Pioneer :) MP3 and RCA input on the back. . . run a nice little Monster RCA - 1/8th in and it's covered.

Jul. 22nd, 2006 08:21 pm (UTC)
Re: DEH-1600
Cruchfield is giving me 2 options:

Alpine CHA-S634 - 6-disc Ai-NET CD/MP3 Changer

USA SPEC SCD-A88i - 6-disc CD changer for select 1991-up Honda / Acura

Both are out of stock at the moment. :(

The CD player keeps crapping out, so I need to replace it. Neither one of those have the RCA jacks like yours (at least I did not see it listed) so for an iPod hookup I would have to go with:

Peripheral iPod adapter
USA SPEC iPod® Interface

Never heard of this USA SPEC folks, so I'm leaning towards the Alpine and figure something out with the iPod.

Jul. 19th, 2006 12:39 am (UTC)
mmmm.. I drool over anything Pioneer.
Jul. 22nd, 2006 09:04 am (UTC)
Meh, I've got a AI-NET 6 disc changer from Alpine that my friend just 'gave' been contemplating getting a head unit for it buuut that isn't going to happen untill I fix the transmission in my other truck.. no use having stereo worth more then my chimptastic beast
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