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I ended up filling in for Miss Amy who was ill. Had a lot of fun and
kept a bunch of you dancing for a good portion of the night. I look
forward to next week, when it will be Advertised that I will be the
official guest Dj.

See you all then.



Blutengel - I will Follow†
Haujobb - Penetration (Floor Mix)
Combichrist - Enjoy the Abuse
Supreme Court - A.l.s. . . s.l.A
Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf†
Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator
Bauhaus - Stigmata Martyr†
Dead Can Dance - Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
QNTAL - All for One
Massiv in Mensch - Sunday Bloody Sunday
Beborn Beton - Another World (Dj Scott Mix)
Grendel - Soilbleed (Obszoen Geschoepf Remix)
Scandy - Iron Pitbull
Benny Benassi - Satisfaction
Asche - Kiss the Whip
KiEw - DC Disk (DD Version)
Binar Code - Anorexia†
Die Form - Hidden Cage
Wumpscut - Thorns (Distant Vocals Mix)
Ivory Frequency - Today†
Skinny Puppy - Assimilate
New Order - True Faith (Future Mix)†
Love and Rockets - So Alive

†Denotes Request