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6/30/2006 - C/A/T - ATF Release Party at Sanctuary

Hello all,

Special event warning. . . Join us this Friday @ Sanctuary for the
release party of Crunchpod Media Recording Artist - C/A/T's new EP
ATF. We will have several copies to give away, as well as showcasing
new tracks throughout the night.

As posted on by Vegas' very own Bridget. . .

C/A/T - ATF - 22-Jun-06 05:04 AM
Ben has done it again! Always clear & concise (if you can even use
those terms for industrial music, or music in general) and definitely
hard-hitting power noise the way it should be. The plethora of samples
used in C/A/T's music has grown on me over time. With this CD alone,
you will hear samples from 25th Hour, Big Lebowski, Curb Your
Enthusiasm, The Ref, Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, and a few others
scattered in here and there. Mind you, Im not putting this in the same
bin as Velvet Acid Christ; Bryan Erickson's tunes are more like
mini-movies with a little music splashed in in comparison. Would you
like some coffee with your cream? C/A/T fits them in just right for a
headcrushing slash movie trivia listening experience

Rev Dj RaZorslave, Dj Delchi and Dj Rust Ryu bring you the best in
Industrial, Darkwave, Rythmic Noise, Goth, and other electronic
mayhem. Dj Morningstar be on as usual starting at 12:30am to rock the
rest of the night. We open at 10:00pm every night, and our first hour
will be a quieter more subdued drinking experience with $2 Well Drinks
until Midnight ($5 after that) After 11:00pm we bring the tempo and
the volume up and the party really begins. Sometime between 12:30am
and 1:00am we do the raffle drawing. We look forward to seeing you

When: Friday from 10:00 PM until the early morning hours.
Where: The Krave Lounge
Las Vegas Blvd & Harmon Ave (at the Aladdin Desert Passageway, across
the street from the Harley Davidson Cafe (north))
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Cover: Before Midnight Free After Midnight $5.00 (which also scores
you a raffle ticket) - Tonight Only, with your Diary of Dreams hand Stamp
no Cover Charge.


Rev Dj RaZorslave
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