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Accidently left my 6 disc cd-changer at the club a couple of weeks ago. Never did manage to get it back. Could have something to do with the amount of drunkenness that generally ensues on a friday night. So today. I decided to remedy that problem and ordered a new on from Crutchfiel.com while I was there, I decided to pick up some replacement rear speakers for my car as I seem to have blown them. Yay for fading the stereo all the way forward so it doesnt annoy the piss out of me. Boo for not having this stuff for 5-6 days. Looks like I'll be using the tape deck to jack my mom's iPOD into the system for the trip to mount charleston tonight. . .

In any case, a visit to crutchfield.com & $81.97 later. . . and

1 set Pioneer TS-G1641R Speakers
1 Speaker Harness Kit
One Pioneer JD-612V 6 Disc CD Magazine
1 Crutchfield Mastersheet Instructions
1 Vibration Dampening Installtion kit is on the way. . .

sheesh, glad there are 3 paydays this month. I may have to pick up some new front speakers if this vibration dampening thing works. . .