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Sanctuary – The Krave Lounge , Las Vegas 6/16/206

One of the first things you notice about Krave from their web site is the slogan "Everything You Desire ". The Krave Lounge is no different. Attending Sanctuary on Friday nights is the wish that the alternative cultures make after walking the Las Vegas Strip. If the endless barrage of ultra lounges and supermodel advertising designed to make the mainstream masses hear Pavlov’s bell leaves you feeling like Wednesday Addams at summer camp, then you owe it to yourself to take in this Friday night escape. The people that call Krave a "Gay club" are doing it an injustice. Alternative is the only true way to describe it. From the moment you walk past the expected black clad security, and ever smiling coat check girl, the simulacra of Las Vegas is wiped away.

On your left you see the gentleman sporting a leather kilt, the lady wearing bondage pants, and someone in between wearing the latest in Edwardian fashion that you would never find on the rack. Those who arrive early are able to take in a variety of music from guest DJs that can range from classic gothic to fresh off the press industrial and noise. As the night goes on the mix stretches out to cater to most any alternative taste. From the classical Latin poetry of QNTAL to the edgy blade that is Massiv In Mensch, the opening DJs, the Rev. Dj RaZorslave, Dj Delchi, Dj RustRyu and their guests each carve a niche that builds the dance floor to a melting pot of those who are looking for their path away from the mundane. Just after 1:00am resident DJ Morningstar takes over and guides the night through with a mix of old and new until the last drink is had, the lights come on and people stumble back into the real world.

Updated information as well as current flyers and links to press regarding the night can be found at If Myspace is your thing, you should defiantly add it to your list.

Tonight: Rev Dj RaZorslave, Dj Delchi and Dj Rust Ryu bring you the best in Industrial, Darkwave, Rythmic Noise, Goth, and other electronic mayhem. Dj Morningstar will be off tonight, due to responsibilities at the main Krave Nightclub so get your asses out and be prepared for a night of dancing, drinking and socializing with all local Dj's.

We open at 10:00pm every night, and our first hour will be a quieter more subdued drinking experience with $2 Well Drinks until Midnight ($5 after that) After 11:00pm we bring the tempo and the volume up and the party really begins. Sometime between 12:30am and 1:00am we do the raffle drawing. So come out and get your drink on and lets make tonight insane.

When: Friday from 10:00 PM until the early morning hours.
Where: The Krave Lounge
Cover: Before Midnight Free After Midnight $5.00 (which also scores you a raffle ticket)
Las Vegas Blvd & Harmon Ave (at the Aladdin Desert Passageway, across the street from the Harley Davidson Cafe (north))
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Rev Dj RaZorslave
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