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New gear. . .

So I was at Guitar Center on a date. . . yes, lol, we went to Guitar center on a date, her idea, that earns HUGE big points in my book. Possible musical collaboration in the future. . . she does piano work, wants me to remix it after hearing the noise type stuff that I do. . . intriguing. . .

And while I was there, I noticed that they had the M-Audio Axiom 25 on sale for $179.99 $50 off the MSRP. . . I know in gear land that pricing is about normal but with the 3 for 1 ProSessions discs offered by M-Audio as a new purchase incentive it was worth it. Along with the Copy of Live Lite 4.0 that will allow me a shortcut in the upgrade cost to go to Ableton Live 5.2. . . wheeee.

It's a suprisingly well made peice of kit. and combines the best features of a midi controller keyboard and the trigger finger.

I can't wait to get the whole thing figured out, and hooked up to my system running the ESI Sampler and loops and all that goodness through this thing. . . mmmm live shows. . . mmmm

I got home and registered it with M-Audio, got the promo codes for the 3 for 1 deal) selected the CD's I wanted and went to order them, but then it choked and told me the promo codes provided my m-audio are invalid. . .

um. . . I just got them from the website. . . grrrr

So I've fired off an e-mail to sales and I hope I get an apologetic letter with the appropriate codes and the necessary info to re-order the sample CD's. . .

Tags: geek pr0n, studio
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