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Playlist: Sanctuary @ The Krave Lounge 6/9/2006

Eagles of Deathmetal - midnight creeper
Snow in China - Electromensch
Oil 10 - [Stop] Universal
Reversal Penetrations - LSD Philanthrophy
Orphyx - Remote Control
X-Marks the Pedwalk - Mirthless Knicknack
Substanz T - Industrial Music for Industrial People
It - Logic noise cargo
Kompressor - Rappers we Crush†
H.I.V+ - Atomic Kashmir Hidden Bonus Track†
Luxt - Cleanser (egomorph mix)†
Codec - Cambodia

Dj Delchi
Hedningama - wind
Africian Head Charge - Chant of Praise
Deep Forest - Marta's Song
Scribe machine - Fragile
Linda - For nothing will I give you up
Tear Garden - Search for my Rose†

Rob Dougan - Clubbed to Death (Kuryamino Variation)†
18 Summers - Sensation White
Nick Cave - Red Right Hand†
Haujobb - Penetration (Floor Mix)
Combichrist - Products (Life Composer Version)†

Dj Delchi
Oomph - Augen Auf (video)
Assemblage 23 - document
Neurotic Fish - They're Coming To Take Me Away†
Ministry - Theives†
Revolting Cocks - Do ya think I'm Sexy

Ritalin - Ky re:amin†
Massiv in Mensch - Mein Leitz Bon Bon
Noisex - Jaeger Dance
Combichrist - Get Your Body Beat (Tortured Remix By Manufactura)†
Nitzer Ebb - Join in the Chant†
Einstruzende Neubauten - Z.N.S.
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