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Annodalleb - dAAth

So someone on my Birtday slipped me the Annodalleb - dAAth album for review. I've had it on my rotation all morning, and I'm digging it.

Somewhat Skinny Puppy The Process-esque with very very Kabbalah inspired and oriented. Overall the production is damn good. Nothing that annoys me or turns me off. Going to have to listed to it in the car after work and hear it on something better than these damn laptop speakers.

Evidently they're form Santa Monica, I'd love to get in touch with them and see if they'd be up for some remix work, but their website. Http;// apears to be non functional. . . I guess I could e-mail them. . . at the address on the back of the disc. . .

/me feels dumb. . .

Tags: new music
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