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To Do List:

Gah, the new gaming rig sucks away at my free time. . . therefore. . .

The To Do List which must be accomplished before more Oblivion or Battlefield 2. . . as I'm supposed to be driving off into the desert on Thursday Evening for the Singularity Arts Festival

Contact jaymaudibregarding the camping situation, camping together etc. Camping with the Local Swingers it apears, should be. . .  entertaining
Get Industrial Music Vido DVD Burned for Delchi so he can be a VJ on Friday (Tonight When I get home)
Get Replacement Air Mattress (tomorrow morning before work) yay for wallmart being open 24 hrs a day
Get Odds and Ends from Big 5 Sport/Wallmart (tomorrow morning before work) need camping soap. . .  got the rest  at wallyworld
Get camping gear out of storage (tomorrow morning before work)
Saw Rebar into Desert stakes
Menu for 4 days in the desert (Shopping to be done Tomorrow After work) mostly done. . .
Multi Gallons of Water & Gatoraid
Necessary Rations of Energy Drinks, Beer, Jaegermeister etc.

Print 30+ CD Covers
Print 30+ CD Labels
Burn 30+ Dj Demo's for Barter on the Playa (Yay for Gift Economy)
Yay for my boss letting me set up the laptop and feed my laptop discs on shift
Label and then Stuff and Cut 30 CD's & Labels
Clear off SD Card for Camera, get at least SOME pictures taken this time. 
Get money from mom for replacement of Air Mattress, Pump, 2 X Sleeping Bag, :(  $80.00 should cover it adequately) (Spoke with mom and this works for her)

More to Come as it occurs to me. . .

Tags: burning man, dark skies, singularity arts festival
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