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which is now over 29000 thanks you's and came across this entry. . .

Gitana del Sueño Says:

May 2nd, 2006 at 3:22 pm
The transcript of today’s (daily) call to the White House Comment Line:
Operator: Thank you for calling the White House Comment Line. Your comment?
Me: Yes. Stephen Colbert is a patriot.
Operator: Okay. Anything else?
Me: And Bush is destroying this democracy. [Pause] Can you read that back to me?
Operator: Stephen Colbert is a patriot, and President Bush is destroying this democracy.
Me: Well, I didn’t say “president.” I usually refer to him as Petulant Bush, or King George, but that’s good enough.

We love ya, Stephen!!!!!

To Everyone: CALL THE WHITE HOUSE COMMENT LINE: 202-456-1111. Do it every day. It feels wonderful!!!

Going to have to make my call after i get off work. . .