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Woot! Laptop is back from Fry's

Finally, after many many weeks, I got my laptop back from fry's. It seems to be working ok, but it does make this odd noise in the speakers, when I shut it down. Like all the power drains out of the capaciters before the shutdown happens. It didnt do that before.

Going through the process of re-installing all my software on it, whee, I can't tell you how much fun this is, also realizing that the puny little 30GB HD in the thing is not enough space. Especially after I section off 4GB to attempt to run Zeta OS 1.1 out of.

Which is a whole diffrent ball of wax. I'm hoping I'm able to track down a copy of the Zeta 1.2 and hoping that the most current version of the OS is more compatable with my laptop than the old.

I can get it to boot with a VESA Video Drive at 1024x768x16 but it does not like the onboard audio on the laptop. In fact, I'd venture to say it hates it, as activating the Conexant AC-Link audio cause Zeta lock hard. Requiring a reboot. Grrr. . . I also need to figure out how to get the Radeon IGP 320M Drivers installed correctly. As the only ones I'm able to find are Intel Build and don't seem to like the Athlon Processor.

Tags: geek, laptop issues
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