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Savings. . . for Dj Gear. .

So between now and the end of August. . . I've got 8 Paydays, and one bonus payday (3 in a month) Basic Math says that if I Want to be able to truly enjoy my time in Portland in August, and buy teh gear I'm excited about. I need to save at least roughly $125.00 a paycheck. While still paying down my credit cards. Buying my plane tickets, affording 4 days in the desert for The Singularity Festival and buying gas this summer as it's already near breaking the $3.00 mark at some gas stations in town. Looks like I'll hold off on finnishing my gaming rig, as the deal on the Dj Gear is something I can't pass up.

Hopefully, this business venture with Nepenthe Industries West will start to pay off a bit.