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Holy Hot Shit. . . Polluted Axis, Opening For Snog 9/11/2006

Things are going well.

Very Well indeed. . . but before that announcement some other information so i don't have to make a bunch of short ass entires.

Anabelle gave me a call this morning. She's been super busy, and got the cocktail waitress job at the Hilton and has been dealing with that stuff all week, she didnt respond to my e-mail because she thought it was to impersonal and wanted to talk with me on the phone. Had a nice little conversation while she cooked herself a onver easy egg (**gags**) She won't be coming out tonight for the event at the Aruba, but will be out Friday at Krave, and possibly Saturday with me. . .

Yesterday was full of Meetings. . .

many many meetings,

Looks like we are going to be Incorporating Nepenthe Industries West as a L.L.C. and Getting our business licences and the eventually the necessary licences to run our own events. The first show we are running is Slick Idiot at the Krave Loung on 5/3/2006.

Met with Cameron regarding the future of Polluted Axis as a band and as a business and what we want to do with it. Plans are gelling, things are becoming concrete, we've decided to call it quits on the album we have been working on, call it a warm up, and work on producing something quality with creative influence from us both.

But finally. . . the Biggest news:

Monday 9/11/2006 SNOG @ The Krave Lounge w/Polluted Axis Opening.

Further information on this show will be available through the Polluted Axis myspace profiles and livejournal Pages.

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