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Last night. . .

was a mixed bag.

I was happy to see combichrist again he played a fairly good Dj set. People really didnt respond to much that uberthug, was spinning, but I don't think anyone other then me tried to clue them on about the locals and what it takes to get them on the floor. While Rev John was on, Andy, Bjorn, and I had a rousing discussion about Djing, beat matching and the destruction of audio and an artists work that goes on when a Dj who's concerned solely with beatmatching gets into warping the tempo of a track way out of range in order to affect your perfect beatmatch. I was talking about the kind of stuff I spin, and how I do it, and the fact that really I am all over the place in the span of an hour he looked at the disc I was showing him and asked for a copy. I knew there was something I had left at home. So thinking quickly I ganked Nina's copy and gave it to him (I'm so going to make it up to her) and gave it to him. I also slipped him a copy of the Demo Disc for Polluted Axis, we'll see if he has anything to say on it.

Over all i was entertained, but the person I was hoping would show didn't and I got stuck talking to Necies Mexican American, daughter of immagrents, republican born again christian friend. . . that was mildly amusing. I ended up taking off by about 3:00am. Declined moving on to the Palms to party with Necie Crystal and the republican who looked a little dissapointed.

Today at work has been spent, compiling and posting playlists, and working on the revamp of the website. . . I'll post links when it's up and I'm happy with it.



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Mar. 28th, 2006 06:59 am (UTC)
My Mexican-american friend? Oh..Monica..Crystal's friend..

The Palms? She musta really been drunk to invite you to go somewhere I had no idea about..bahaha

Whats the point in feeling stuck? Next time walk away..it's that simple isn't it?
Mar. 28th, 2006 07:01 am (UTC)
Re: Er..
Because I'm a nice guy. And she bought me a beer. :)

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