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KiEw show. . .

Last night was amazing. . . between the altitude and the shots of Jaeger and Slammed can's of redbull with rodentsky I got really tanked. I hurt this morning, in more ways than I can describe easily and I've been up since 8:00am.

If you ever get the chance to see KiEw play live, do it. Don't ask, mortgage your house, pimp your wife or girlfriend. Let her pimp you. Whatever. KiEw was quite possible the most intense, energetic and crazy rhythmic noise show I have ever seen. It didnt have as many people as Converter at the Cobalt Lounge. But the energy, and the stage show were far superior.

Kevin and I started dancing during a local denver noise trio Black Cell's set. It was the two of us and this guy who remembers me from back in the day at the Cobalt. LOL, small world. But it was really just the three of us, having fun, dancing, getting stared at by the other locals, who either werent drunk enough yet, or didnt want to risk showing that they support their local bands.

Next up was lapsed, they did an Ok show, but I spent most of the time talking with this guy by the bar about Battlefield 2, he says he's going to track me down on the Buxom Bombardiers server for some matches.

Next up was Cdatakill. Fucking great show as well, the crowd started reacting to this mans crazy disjointed beats and actively bouncing up and down in a manner I've only ever seen beatings pull off for a live show. Good times.

Then KiEw came on, I officially have another band to add to the list of Industrial/Noise bands that I allow to use guitars. :) It was TD and two other guys I didnt get to meet. They played 26 songs in toto. With about a 2 min break before the encore of 3-4 songs. after about the 3rd song, I realized that I was going to sweat myself through, and as I would be either walking around in the 14-15 deg weather outside, or waiting for a cab, I decided to remove my shirt and dance. I was the first, but I didnt realize what I started, I believe that there were 5-6 of us crazy tattooed rivetheads running around the mosh pit/dance floor with not shirts, with all the other people who didnt want to go that far. It was one of the best friendliest and most fun pits I have ever experienced.

All said, I danced for about 2.5 hours + straight, with the occasional stop for more Jaeger and more Redbull. Once the bands were done I made my way bck to Clickcaster central and passed out. Hard. And this morning, I hurt, badly, but it's a good hurt.

Oh, and I have a set of the Headphones which were part of the stage props for the Track "Harvey" yay for me.

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