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Woot! Denver!

I'm here, I'm safe, at spux's and I'm doing well, just got back from Vendetta Music where I spent almost $240.00 on music. . .

my haul:

Orphx - circuitbreaking
Orphyx - insurgent flows
Synapscape - So What, Audio + Video Double CD
Oil 10 - Links
Oil 10 - Arena
Genetic Selection - Orbital Ground Attack
Genetic Selection - Darwin's Voyage
Roger Rotor - Malleus Maleficarum
Ah Cama Sotz - This Way to Heresy
Ah Cama Sotz - Mantra
Sonar - Bad Man EP
Passarani - Unspeakable Future Outbreaks
Architect - the Analysis of Trading Noise
Flint Glass - heirakonopolis (Listening now. . . FUKKIN AMAZING. . . a review will come later)

I met Sarah teh Noize Dj and Dave from Vendetta, cool peeps, we traded notes and I spread a bit more of the word on the Vegas Scene. I'm looking forward to tonight. Seeing rodentsky and dancing my ass off.

Hopefully I'll see pyrotech_c3h8 tonight at the show, if not I'll try and hook up with him tomorrow before 2101. Which will be good for socializing, but I'm fairly shure will blow SARS infected Cat's music wise.

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