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Errgh. . . why does my companies ICE hate this file so much. . .

linked fromt his page

its the patcher for 3rd party game modifications for Master of Orion 3.

My Companies Network HATES the Moo3 file. I try to download it and it I get a message that my connection to the server has been reset before the download can be completed. I was able to download every other patch and the .dll file on the downloads page so i know they don't have it blocked. I had Barnaby download it and try to e-mail me the zip as an attachement, and it kept bounching at the yahoo mail servers. So I had him try to send it to me via file transfer on IM and the server choked, hard. So I had him rename it to a .wav file after we proved it would transfer .wav, and it choked, I finally got him to e-mail the renamed file as a .mp3 and yahoo's servers passed it on, but every time I try to download the attached .mp3, the only one that doesnt work, the connection to gmail's server gets reset. weird huh. Guess I'll have to wait till I get home to download it, and install it on my laptop so I can run moo3 with your patches at work. . .

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