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Pulled up the schedule for this week, in preperation for Being in Denver this weekend I'm supposed to be working graveyard all week. . .

but not according to the schedule. . .

so I pull up next week. Yup there it is. . . um. . . shit.

I'm scheduled to work all weekend, and I'm supposed to be in Denver seeing kiew. .

more shit.

One of my co-workers already has this weekend off, but my boss authorized my time off, which is why I ordered my non-refundable plane ticket.

Called my boss. He pretty distinctly remembers thinking the request was for next weekend, because there is no way he would have authorized it for this weekend because dale has had it off for months. . . NASCAR. . .


He says that I can e-mail walt, and if walt will work the two 2-10:30 shifts for me, I'll still be able to go. So I did.

But I won't know till tomorrow whether or not I'm fucked out of $170 in air fare.

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