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Fusspillz 11 - Wo Die Wilden Rosen
Dunkelwerk - Sternensoldat (Payen von montdidier remix by Heimataerde)
Rotersand - Lifelight
Ivory Frequency - Today
Juno Reactor - Bromio
Die Form - Automatic Love

Dj Rust Ryu
Bjork - All is full of love (in love with funkerstrong)
Wumpscut - Hold (naked beat remix)
Praga Kahn - Mistress of Dreams
Snog - hey christian god (sacred mushroom II)
Einstruzende Neubauten - Nnnnaaammmmm
Shining w/Julian Beeston- Meglomaniac
Pigface -Asphole (electro funkin mix)
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Sex on Wheels (freak Street mix)

Nitzer Ebb - Lighting Man*
Covenant - Dead Stars (version)*
Roger Rotor - Without Tears
Tumor - Come to Daddy
Strong Bad Vs Ramstein - The System is Du
Sonar - Band Man Remix

Dj Rust Ryu
Razed in Black - Distegration (cure cover)
Hicotan - Dogma
Haujobb - Smack my Bitch Up
Lords of Acid - Crablouse *
Tumor - Keine Party
MSI - Molly (Madgroove's Circusjungle Mix)*
Creatures - All She Could Ask For (dope mix)

* denotes request