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Mastering CD's. . . Band News. . . Last night etc. . .

So it's official. . . I'm now the other half of "Polluted Axis"

I'm in my first official non-solo project/band. Woot!

Right now I'm finalizing the track listing for the Demo I'm going to be delivering to c_a_t at the show at the Bistro. Listening to this on the headphones, I'm VERY happy with how it's turned out.


Polluted Axis - A day in the life of Polluted Axis . . .
1. Polluted Axis found you passed out at a party and proceeded to violate you
2. Polluted Axis DARES you to open your fucking piehole one more time
3. Polluted Axis just can't go for that - noooo aaaaa (voxless edit)
4. Polluted Axis Vs Endif - Polluted Axis gets Endif in a sleeper hold
5. Polluted Axis Just stole your hoopty ride and is cruising your grandma's neighborhood in it
6. Polluted Axis was peeping through your window and as you changed and we think your left tit is definitely bigger than your right
7. C/A/T - Enhancer (Polluted Axis has been staring at your tits the whole time and hasn't heard a word you've said mix)

The club last night was oodles of fun. Good times, generally for all, Coal Chamber (Yes the band) was in the house. . . I want to publicly say sorry for booting c_a_t from the back table, but what could I do. . . Celebrities and all that fun stuff. Thanks for your understanding. By last count, at the end of the night we had about 218 people in the club. I was happy to see you all having a good time.

The C/A/T show tonight, if nothing else will be entertaining and I'm hoping to see many of you there. It should be alot alot of fun, and it looks like the Djing tonight should be pretty good as well. Here's the Blurb from the list. . .


special live performance by
CRUNCHPOD recording artist

C / A / T

plus dj's dredd.mekano
vs. k.r.u.x.x.
vs. russel scott
vs. pierrorist
spinning ebm, futurepop, noize, darkwave & goth
before & after band

21+ No Cover
DOORS @ 10:30pm - ??:??

City Lights Bistro
4850 W. Flamingo, Ste 31
(NE corner of Decatur & Flamingo,
in plaza behind Bedtime Mattress store)
Las Vegas, NV 89103


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