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Wow. . what a great night. . .

I dunno where a lot of the regulars were. . . but there were a FUCKLOAD of California, Utah, and Texas people in town. Thank you to you all (will be edited in when I get names) Ambien is kicking in and I'll get indeep talking abiout watching a bitch in a burkha birth suicide bombers in a minute. . .

In the mean nime.. .
Togheter we as a group broke getting 206 people through the door. And Djdelchi and I started a floor the first set, and kept it rocking until 4:00am. Whith now dead time. People drank their asses off, got an estimate for what they drank at ove 1500.00, We dj'd for 5 hours, 6 Dj sets 30 mintues each... playlist
s will be provided tomorrow. The best thing was, with the 30 minutes sets, you could go socialize and get a drink find out what people wanted tovhear and best of all, no one had time to get sick of a Dj and leave. :) Just like I tole keon it would work when we were first approached. . . I'm hoping he had a lot of fun over there and will let us continue to do this. . .

It works very well this way. I hope they will encourage it to nuture and grow, how tomanouver the sitiuation so that Keoon wants to go take over the main club and is forced to? Do I try to deepen the wedge the Dj Sobe was griping about as he was apparently gathering nhis suff as he was not again going to be djing last minutes. . .

And then there was bullshipt bob trying to get me to overstand barnaby and pursue some type of payment issue with the club without having Barby giving any type of info out.

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