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Anti-Valentines Day Zombie Party

Nepenthe Industries West
Sanctuary @ The Krave Lounge Present:

2/17/2006 - The Anti V-D Zombie Party. . .

Yes, we’re three days late so you’ll have time to dig up a body. . .
so drag your corpse to the dance. . .

Zombie costume and attire STRONGLY suggested. . .

Jose Ortega Gasset once said: We fall in love when our imagination projects nonexistent perfection upon another person. One day, the fantasy evaporates and with it, love dies. We’d like to add, if you’re lucky, when it’s over, you get to eat their brains . . . mmm Brains . . .

Join Dj Morning Star, the Rev Dj RaZorslave and Dj Rust Ryu for a night of lurv, and a celebration of relationships of all kinds, zombie style. . .

This weeks drink specials:

5$ Jack and Coke
5$ Vodka Redbull
5$ Jaeger Bomb
5$ Newcastle

No cover Before 12:30am
The Krave Lounge
Corner of Harmon and Las Vegas Blvd
21+ with I.D.
Valet Parking at the Desert Passage Mall (West of the Strip)
Or Park in the Desert Passage Parking structure and walk


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Feb. 11th, 2006 11:06 pm (UTC)
i let my friend ethel know that you could help her out with the current nights out there since she'll be visiting next week..
her words on what she's looking for "And someone please tell me where there is a futurepop, industrial, or non-sucky goth club around. Not that I've been to an industrial night in 10 months, but it'd be nice to go out once while I'm there. "

please help : )
Feb. 11th, 2006 11:36 pm (UTC)
Well, I can definately help with that. . .

Current list of Events. . .

Wed - Goth Karaoke at Woodies (Good Times)

Thursday - Resurrection at the City Lights Bistro (you've been there. I
used to Dj there, it's supposed to be the old school goth/industrial night, but I havnt been in months so i don't know, I cannot recomend this night or this venue)Last i heard Expect Attendance at or below the level of when you were here last year.

Friday - Sanctuary @ The Krave lounge (Woot real club on the stip, good music, Dj'd by Yours Truly, Dj Rust Ryu, and Dj Morningstar, weekly attendance 160 - 200. Next week should be off the hook. Have all our locals plus a bunch of peeps from CA who are going to be in town. Music between 11:00pm - 1:00am is Powernoise Industrial and whatever other weirdness I and Dj Rust Ryu factor in, Morningstar takes over at 1:00am and spins more club hittish stuff, more of the favorites etc. Overall it's a pretty well rounded night and lots of fun.

Saturday - Subversion @ The City Lights Bistro, Nominally a new industrial night, Russel Scott and Pierre spin club hits. Expect Attendance at or below the level of when you were here last year.

Sunday - Drunken Bowling at the New Orleans. . . Starts at midnight. . . 35+ people in black, drikning and bowling. Good times.

Feb. 12th, 2006 02:40 am (UTC)
are you still booted out of cheers? anybody even go there now?
Feb. 12th, 2006 03:17 am (UTC)
I've never gone back to check. . . **shrugs** some people still go there. . .

Feb. 11th, 2006 11:06 pm (UTC)
oh yeah, and there's a good chance i'll be out to visit in mid-march now.
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