February 12th, 2010


To Natalies Douchbag waste of carbon ex boyfriend

Dear Jester,

I already took a knife wound from you and I will never put myself in a position to receive another. Yet your drug addled mind can't seem to understand why I won't accept you as any type of fixture in any part in our lives?

Because as I told her, I see no future for us (her and I) if you are anywhere involved. This is a plain statement of fact, and it is entirely her choice how to deal with this "make or break issue," I don't have to put up with you in our lives, I don't have to be friends with you, and I don't have to accept her being friends with you. With the exception of you, I don't particularly care who she decides to purse a friendship with. She made her decision and this is why she texted you to request that you not contact her again.

Because her relationship with me is more important yo her, than her "friendship" even at a distance, not seeing you very often, with you. Get over it, you lost.

Now please respect her wishes.

I have screen shots of the text messages you sent her telling her to tell me to watch out because you have a tazer and you are not afraid to use it. So please please do it. Because I have premeditated evidence of your intent.

Sincerely, the ugly behemoth
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