July 13th, 2009


It was a good weekend.

This weeks been a pretty mixed bag so far.

Good things:
1. Riverside was a blast we set a land speed record getting from Vegas to riverside in slightly over 3 hours.
2. Had fun djing at Andromeda and taking Natalie to the yardhouse, introduced her to the youngberry stout (lindemans framboise and youngs chocolate stout)
3. Got a text from Shane asking if I was I'm so cal. And if o had brought my Hawaiian shirt. Ended up hitting savers and a party store to get a hat and a grass skirt and some day glow lays.
4. Saw marching dynamics play live in the acid tiki god outfits took a shit ton of pictures and loaded all the tiki stuff into my car to bring back to Vegas for the show in august
5. Getting my cdj1000s repaired for 120.00 total
6. Seeing Franck getting asked to come play bunker again and getting Natalie booked for the next estrogen night at das bunker.
7. Great conversation with Natalie to and from california while racing the sun home (we won)
8. Natalie is getting interviewed for the extra board bar tender position today at work.

The bad
1. Spent a bit too much on the trip
2. Driving down the summerlin parkway 2 of the 4 tires on the work van started seperating requiring me to limp into my first appointment at 25mph.
3. Fronting the 470.47 cost of 4 new tires for the van

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