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June 25th, 2009

on sale at Newegg for $79.00 it cost me 82.99 with rush processing and *MAY* be here tomorrow if it ships from California. . .

Which will free up 4 160GB Drives out of my file server, increase the total size of my storage by 50% and allow me to populate the 4 of the 7 machines I was given when I helped close Pat Clark Auto.

If you know any one in the Las Vegas Area who is interested in a super cheap FreeNAS file server (I will have 2 ready to go) with a 160GB Drive in each. . . I can hook you up. . .

I will also be pre-purchasing the first Microsoft OS I've purchased* since Windows 3.11 tomorrow. . . http://www.microsoft.com/windows/buy/offers/pre-order.aspx $99.00 for Windows 7 Professional is nothing to sneeze at.


*not counting O/S's purchased via the Microsoft Tax on new system.