June 12th, 2009

Psychidellic Rev

Frankeniphone. . .

it lives. . . . IT LIVES!!!!!

so my iphone took a bath in KFC Coleslaw juice just before my birthday, I ordered a little part to help me crack the case so I could pull it apart and soak the button assembly and lcd in isopropyl alcohol. The part didn't arrive for almost two weeks longer than it was supposed to. I disassembled my iphone three days ago and gave it the bath, and rinsed it in distilled water, and let it dry out for 3 days with some silica gel. This morning I put it all back together, and it started up and is working correctly, the phone is connected to my pc and is charging.

Right now I feel like a tech god.
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What I'll be doing tonight. . . Combustion @ The Greek Isles

oh, and I'll be djing. . .

Hey folks! Just wanted to give the final rundown of how this night is going to go/points of interest, since we're about 48 hours out from opening!

- Venue expanded!!! Due to the overwhelming response, we now have two music rooms! We have the hard pounding main room with V.I.P. section and the non-smoking goth lounge, a social setting with lower bpm tunes provided by our illustrious DJ's.

- 18 and up!!! Ignite is an 18+ show (10:30 p.m.) with valid I.D. Tickets are 25 dollars (which includes free entry to Combustion) when mentioning the myspace code word "one hot llama" at the box office or by calling 702-877-FIRE. Admission is 10 dollars after midnight.

- Free parking, and lots of it!!! The G/I scene has never had this amount of great parking at a venue!

- Low room rates!!! Mention Combustion when you call (702) 952-8000 to get a 45 dollar room! These rooms will have later check out times, as it is understood you will be partying hard.

- Cool drink specials!!! Vodka Crans are $4 dollars, Bloodbaths are $6 dollars, as well as low priced well drinks and bottled beers all night (and water/soda for the youngins').

- Karaoke!!! There will be a karaoke area by the lobby for those of you wanting to sing your favorite Bauhaus or Depeche Mode tune!

- All the tunes you want, and more!!! Old, new, and from many genres - we have gathered a great group of DJ's spinning what you want to hear in two rooms! How cool is that?

- Meet the cast! Party with the Prince of Pyro - Antonio, along with the beautiful cast of Ignite and last but not least the hardest working GoGo in town, Ron!

We hope to see you Friday with your stompy boots on!


Combustion Management

Repost Me. Thanks everybody!!!

Please send us your top 3 requests for the evening. Thanks!!!

That's right folks, Combustion is the event you've been waiting for! The ultimate compliment to IGNITE, the newest and hottest show in town, our DJ's and crew will provide a fantastic feet shattering experience!

***Tickets to the Ignite show plus free Admission to Combustion is $25 dollars when you reference the myspace code "One Hot Llama" at the box office.

***For room reservations, please call the Greek Isles at (702) 952-8000 and refer to the Combustion deal for a $45 dollar room!

***Admission to Combustion after Midnight is $10 dollars.

***Vodka Crans are $4 dollars, Bloodbaths are $6 dollars, as well as low priced well drinks and bottled beers all night!


Saturday: Vector Industrial Night with Rev Dj RaZorslave & Dj Babyl-on

Join us at this Saturday as the Rev Dj RaZorslave and Dj Babyl*on present the Vector Industrial Night v2.0 we'll be bringing you the best in industrial dance music every Saturday night at Black Label. Starting this Week, June 8th, we're officially going weekly. It's been a long wait, but I know you'll agree it was well worth it.

This week, our own Go Go Goddess from Friday Nights @ Skizofrenia - Mania will be the featured artist, so come out, be a part of the process of the creation of art. . . once again, if you're a local artist interested in getting involved in this little experience, email vector.lv@gmail.com for details. . .

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Psychidellic Rev

I <3 Crackhead Street People. . .

Shambling black guy pushing a shopping cart as I'm walking to my car: WANNA TRADE!!?!?!?!

me (grinning in spite of myself): sorry man, I have to drive to work. . .

him: hey man, you can drive THIS!

me (laughing): Not across the valley, have a nice day man!
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