May 12th, 2009


7 days till my birthday . . . 4 Days till VECTOR!

The public celebration of which will be Saturday May 16 at Vector. We will be doing a post apocalyptic theme . . . and will be giving a $100.00 prize for best costume at 2:00am. Think Fallout, Mad Max, Akira, Babylon AD, Death Race 2000, Six String Samurai, there are lots of thing that work for this.

If you want to give me something for my birthday, showing up at my night is an awesome start. If you opt to tip at the door, the money is going towards replacing the baskets in the Vector Sub Cabinets, and if possible, getting another power amp. . .

If you can’t show up and participate in that way . . . there are still options! I present the return of the Vector Paypal donation button; any and all donations will be accepted. As little or as much as you can contribute will be valued and appreciated.

So join us Saturday May 16th, as Dj Babylon and Exploration #5 take to the wheels of steel, and I celebrate my birthday!

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