October 3rd, 2007

Psychidellic Rev

Kicked the Rental to the Curb. . .

Drove over with Natalie and dropped off the rental after work, wasnt able to pick my car up, because the payment to my credit card company hadnt processed yet, hung out, sick as a dog, alternating between popping a sudafed and a mucinex every two hour, but still unable to get my nose to stop running, whilst running back and forth in the car chattering like monkeys.

Ended up back at my place, the plan was to watch Children of Men and cuddle. Mission accomplished, although with the slug of Nyquil we each took, we didnt last 15 mintues into the film.

Got up, took a dayquil, and a mucinex, went and picked up my car, and headed out to work.

Am now sitting here, on overtime, waiting for the day to end. . .

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