July 23rd, 2007

Psychidellic Rev


Laying in bed waiting to fall asleep, and I hear *thunk* against the window, and then sparks are going off everywhere outside my window. Started me outta bed but when I got the blinds open I didn't see anything.

Wasn't sure if it was electricity or fireworks or what, but I went outside and I could smell the fireworks.

Definitely not conducive to immediate sleep

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Psychidellic Rev

I hate it when my extremities tingle. . .

that means my blood sugar is too high.

I'm home from work right now, and kinda freaked, I have a call into my endocrinologist asking what I should do.

My Blood sugar had spiked to over 300 when I woke up this morning, I changed my infusion set last night, dialed up more insulin on the pump, and headed out to work without eating breakfast. By 9:30am it hadnt dropped and I was starting to feel icky.

It's now down to 253 and falling according to my glucose meter and my realtime glucose sensor. I'm going to give it about an hour to make sure it is, indeed, where it's supposed to be, and if I'm feeling better head back to work. Assuming my Dr doesnt want me to go to the Hospital. . .
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Psychidellic Rev

I'm back. . .

Insulin is under control, didnt have to go see a Dr. Seem that I need to be more carefull in my infustion site, selection, and avoid the places I have scar tissue like the plaugue.

Put a new infusion set in, monitored my bloodsugar and keytones and now I'm back at work. . .

and the A/C if it's working, hrumph, I can't even tell, it's muggy and warm. . . and I have batwings.

I *hate* boxers for this reason particularly. . .

Grrr. . .

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