July 21st, 2007

Psychidellic Rev

Last night was fun . .

First night of drinking I've gotten to do in a long damn time, where I wasnt running to the bathroom constantly because my bloodsugar was high from drinking.

I've been fitted with a realitime blood glucose monitor that constantly transmits my blood sugar to my pump. All of last night until the very end I was right in the 110-125 range in the process of having 6 vodka + diet rockstar's. I took 1.5 unit bumps every couple of hours on top of my basal rate and it worked suprisingly well, I did eventually have a blood sugar crash, but it wasnt until we were waiting in line at Ellis Island with daq42 blackradish and blur42, and xanaphia

eth3raum ened u making it out to Vegas, she and Matt were out, and it was nice to finally be able to place a face with the name. I look forward to seeing how much she dances tonight at Vector.

There was a guy from Riverside in town for Dj Liquid Sex Drive and I swear to god, he could have been not_eurotic's evil twin. If he shows up at Vector tonight I'll try and get someone to take a picture.

Printed out a couple hundred flyers in glossy full color for the Experiement Haywire/Death By Corrosion show and will be taking some to L.A. Next weekend when I'm Djing at Bunker.

Bridget, Keith, Sarina, and possibly a couple of others, are making the jaunt to L.A. to see me spin in the noise room, I'm really looking forward to it.

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Psychidellic Rev

I'm now this bored. . .

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