July 15th, 2007

Psychidellic Rev

Playlist - Sanctuary @ The Krave Lounge 7/13

Rev Dj Razorslave
Intermix - s+M=y
Implant - first contact (rrmx)
Velvet Acd Christ - We have to see, we have to know
LFO - Tied Up
Death in June - little blue butterfly
Haujobb - cold comfort
SNOG - the last diamond
Apparat (feat. Raz ohara) - holdon [modeselektor remix]
Black Lung - Death Squad Blues
C/A/T - Shoot to Kill
Console - My Dog Eats Beats
Portishead - mysterious
Substanz T - solution
Muslimgauze - Minaret above all others
Pigface - kiss king (hi hi hi)
Cleen - north
YPY - white sand
Die Form - cantique
This Morn' Omina - n=ne
Velvet Acid Christ - pretty toy
Dioxide - Geist
Binar Code - Anorexia
Ellen Alien - Down
Soman - tears (feat lahannya)
Zombie Girl - Fading Away (ZG Version)
Oil 10 - Is it sex?
Implant - look-alike
QNTAL - Am Morgen Fruo (remix by Bruno Kramm)
C/A/T - persuasion
New Order - confusion
Converter - denogginizer (kill the brain)
KMFDM - Megalomaniac
Zentriert ins Antlitz - Ultra Violent Ultral Skilled (Club Mix)

Dj Morningstar
No Playlist Provided

Rev Dj RaZorslave
Northborne - Cereal Killer
Tumor - Come to Daddy
C/A/T - point of no return
Massiv In Mensch - mein letztes bonbon
Roger Rotor - Without Tears
Grendel - Soilbleed (V.3)
Strongbad Vs Rammstein - The System is Du (Dj Defekt Remix)
Zombie Girl - Bleeder (Industrial Strength Mix By Seb)
Necessary Response - Tomorrow
Zombie Girl - industrial!
P.A.L - T.A.E
Skoyz - Hologram
FGFC820 - Anthem
Wumpscut - christ fuck
Combichrist - feed your anger
Leather Strip - coming up for air
Die Form - deep inside remix
Darker Day's Tomorrow - Zeitgeist
Seabound - Contact
Mindless Self Indulgence - Straight to video [p.a.l mix]
Experiment Haywire - cooler than genocide
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Noisia Remix)
Venetian Snares & Stunt Rock - girls don't like me
Psychidellic Rev

Playlist - Vector @ Goodtimes 7/14

Rev Dj RaZorslave
Data Raper - necrose
Black Lung & Xingu Hill - crimson skies and vapor trail
Coil - Windowpane
Cleen - stronger
Numb - blood
Implant - sect
HMB - in the begining
Seabound - Smoke (Pain Remix)
VNV Nation - Joy
Zombie Girl - Trioxin (Instru-Mental)

Dj Sylva
No Playlist Provided

Rev Dj RaZorslave
Communication Zero - lose kontrol (sulphuric saliva remix)
Zombie Girl - Bleeder (Industrial Strength Mix By Seb)
Necessary Response - Spilling Blood
Funker Vogt - Spread Your Legs (F... Mix)
Strongbad Vs Rammstein - the system is du
Moctan - Widecut Master†
Northborne - The Pill
Hypnoskull - ffwd>>burnout
Monolith - tekno buddha
Pow[d]er Pussy - Cyrogenic Pussylover
Wumpscut - ich will dich
Bi God 20 - The Bog
Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug (NIN Remix)†
Asche - kiss the whip (rmx by SINA)†
Roger Rotor - Doom with a View†
Zentriert ins Antlitz - Ultra Violent Ultral Skilled (Dub Version)

Dj Sylva
No Playlist Provided

CD and Ticket Give-away

Rev Dj RaZorslave
Oil 10 - Is it sex?
Neurotic Fish - They're Coming to Take Me Away
Funker Vogt - Child Soldier (Kopfschuss-Mix)
Rotersand - Exterminate Annihilate Destroy (Renoised w/Config.sys)
c/a/t - pARASITE
New Order - confusion
cat - smashed (party mix)
Soman - Mask
Wayne G - Twisted (Origonal Mix)