July 9th, 2007

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Letter to my Flex Plan company. . .

To Whom It May Concern:

My Name is Joshua Franklin, and I am a very dissatisfied customer. My company began using your flex card service in January of this year. My account has been deactivated for failure to provide proof of my purchases 3 times since January, and I have not once, ever, received any correspondence, physical or electronic from your company indicating a need for additional documentation.

I am a Type 1 Diabetic and have several doctors’ appointments and multiple prescriptions filled monthly, today I once again found myself on the phone with your company, to find out the reason my card was declined. And was told, as I expected that I had outstanding un-cleared transactions, and they had not received any acknowledgement from me.

They confirmed that the e-mail address I provided was on file, and when I asked if it was possible to have a physical hard copy of all requests for information sent to me, they told me this was not possible, that it was handled in it’s entirety by the company that handles the MasterCard transactions.

My co-worker who overheard the conversation asked me what was happening and when I told her she furnished me with the attached “Ceridian FSA Card Receipt Request” we blacked out the sections with confidential information and scanned it into the system so I could e-mail, fax and send physical hard copy to you to get this resolved.

I am requesting to have my account set up so that I receive physical hard copies of these requests so that my life is not endangered when unexpectedly, I am unable to purchase life saving medication, or scramble to find an alternate way to pay to see my doctor, or have to bill the charge for the visit and incur financing charges.


Joshua Franklin | Service Support Representative 1 | Technology Services
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